CHAPTER 10 - protein diets. All found to reduce caloric...

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CHAPTER 10 Business of weight loss -there are more than 29,000 weightloss products and services available and more do not work and do not prevent weight regain - 90-95% of people that loose weight, gain it back -demand is so great, they remain financially successful -no laws require a product to be affective, more cases companies do not have to show the product actually work before they can be sold -herbal remedies weightloss skin patches, are available for sale -2 types of perscrition pills are currently approved of long term use of obsese people in the u.s. Meridia and Xenical -recommended to be injunction with calorie diet and exercise - never ending supply of diets -5 popular diets that undergo scrutiny by researchers -atkins -weightwaters -slimfast -zone -approaches to these are mix of balanced, low carb diet, low carb high
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Unformatted text preview: protein diets. All found to reduce caloric intake. Fasting-sometimes people fast to loose weight but this is not recommended unless supervised Weightloss Surgery-barratric surgery is a last resort type of weight control-people who bmi is over 40 or people have bmi of over 35 with serious health concern-gastric bypass surgery is the most effective method available and weight maintenance available-Health status generally improves as a result along with the resolution of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorders and high cholesterol -Gastric bypass- staples the stomach and only holds 2 tablespoons of food. -Very pricey and 2% chance of dying. -Complications from post surgery -Create nutrient deficiencies-Leave excess skin after surgery...
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CHAPTER 10 - protein diets. All found to reduce caloric...

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