CHAPTER 8 - 02:57 CHAPTER 8: Social/Personality Development...

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02:57 CHAPTER 8: Social/Personality Development in Early Childhood (2-6yrs) → Know gender identity, stability, and constancy Gender Development concepts: Sex : biologically based Gender : socially/psychologically based Gender Identity : child’s ability to label his or her own sex correctly and to identify others as male or female o 6-12mo can correctly label others o 2yrs can correctly label themselves as boy or girl Gender Stability : understanding that you are the same gender throughout life o Most gain this understanding at age 4 Gender constancy : understanding that gender is a component of the self that is not altered by external appearances; innate characteristic that cant be changed → Know about gender stereotypes Sex Role Knowledge Stereotyped ideas develop early o By 2, can identify certain objects as more male or female, by 3-4, can assign stereotypic occupations, toys and activities to each gender, by 5 can associate certain personality traits Ex: 6 yr old said it was wrong for George to play with dolls…searching for rule about how boys/girls behave Cross-cultural gender stereotypes o Women associated with gentleness, weakness, appreciativeness, and soft-hearted o Men associated with aggression, strength, cruelty, and coarseness
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o Children learn these stereotypes by 3 or 4 Sex-Typed Behavior : different patterns of behavior exhibited by boys and girls Develops earlier than ideas about gender o 18-24 months – children prefer sex-stereotyped toys (months before they can identify their own gender)
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CHAPTER 8 - 02:57 CHAPTER 8: Social/Personality Development...

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