CHAPTER 9 - 02:58 CHAPTER 9: Physical/Cognitive Development...

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02:58 CHAPTER 9: Physical/Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood (6-12) → Know about physical development Increased large-muscle coordination Hand-eye coordination improves Significant gains in fine motor control o Ex: writing, playing musical instrument, drawing o Wrist maturation occurs more rapidly for girls Girls by age 12: 94% of adult height attained Boys by age 12: 84% of adult height attained Girls: slightly more body fat and slightly less muscle tissue than boys o Girls more coordinated but slightly weaker and slower → Know about obesity Obesity Excessive weight gain : children gain more weight in a year than is appropriate for their age and height o most serious long-term health risk of middle school period Overweight : BMI falls in 95 th % (top 5%) At-risk-for-overweight : BWI falls in 85 th and 95 th % Nearly 1 in 5 children are obese Associated with adult obesity o Half of overweight children will continue to be overweight in adulthood Obesity results from an interaction between a genetic predisposition for obesity and environmental factors that promote overeating or low levels of activity Requires special diets and increased exercise to lose weight → Know the difference between decentration and reversibility
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Piaget’s concrete operational stage : 3 rd stage of cognitive development; children construct schemes that enable them to think logically about objects and events in the real world (Age 6)
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CHAPTER 9 - 02:58 CHAPTER 9: Physical/Cognitive Development...

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