CHAPTER 14 - 03:00 CHAPTER 14: EARLY ADULTHOOD: Social &...

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03:00 Intimacy vs. Isolation : early adulthood stage, individual must find a life partner or supportive friends in order to avoid social isolation Intimacy the capacity to engage in a supportive, affectionate relationship without losing ones own sense of self Isolation results from relationships that are inadequate, lack self disclosure and unresolved identity crisis o Need to have developed a sense of identity first o Misunderstandings from sex differences can get in the way Arnett: “Emerging adulthood ”: period from late teens to early 20s when individuals explore options prior to committing to adult roles Covers age 17-22 Experiment with adult options o People don’t think they’ve reached adulthood until 25 or so Must address 5 developmental tasks o academic, friendship, conduct, work, and romance o first 3 easy, last 2 more adjustment difficulties Parts of brain governing impulse control, decision-making, and self-regulation not yet fully mature o Thus, make poorer decisions and risky behaviors (ex: unprotected sex) than when fully matures at around mid-20s Mate selection (men vs. women) Evolutionary theory and mate selection: Mating a selective process to insure survival of the species
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Men prefer physically attractive, younger women Men lower their standards on the basis of availability
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CHAPTER 14 - 03:00 CHAPTER 14: EARLY ADULTHOOD: Social &...

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