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03:01 Climacteric : adult period during which reproductive capacity declines or is lost Reproductive system (men) Climacteric: loss of reproductive capacity Gradual: slow loss of reproductive capacity o Cases of men in 90s fathering children (Factor: very slow drop in testosterone levels) o Implicated in gradual loss of muscle tissue o Increased risk of heart disease in middle and old age Quantity of viable sperm produced declines slightly Erectile dysfunction or impatence increases (inability to achieve or maintain erection) o Poor health (esp. heart disease), Obesity, Blood pressure medicines, alcohol abuse, smoking, or anxiety in performance o Changes in diet/exercise habits can restore sexual function Menopause : cessation of monthly menstrual cycles in middle-aged women Occurs roughly at age 50, through anything between 40 and 60 is normal May be occurring at later ages in more recent cohorts of women Phases: Premenopausal phase o Estrogen levels begin to fluctuate and decline o Late 30s or early 40s; irregular menstrual periods
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o Irregularity associated with progesterone loss Perimenopausal phase o More extreme variations in timing of menstrual cycles o Estrogen levels decrease o Hot flashes (75%) sudden sensations of being hot o Hot flashes may cause sleep deprivation in many women o Sleep deprivation can generate psychological distress Postmenopausal phase o o Woman ceases to menstruate for 1 year or more -Reduction in estrogen has effects on genital and other tissue -Associated with depressive symptoms in women -Sexual activity : Most remain sexually active, although frequency of sexuality activity declines somewhat
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