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Pharmacological revolution

Pharmacological revolution - 02:46 Pharmacological...

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02:46 Pharmacological revolution : 4 elements 1) Major communicable diseases under control (vaccinations) 2) Intro to antibiotics 3) Psychopharmacology (Effect emotion and perception) 4) Oral contraceptive (used by healthy individuals) o oral contraceptive is the most recent Psychopharmacology : Science that studies the behavioral effects of drugs Review your notes concerning the reasons why drug regulations were created in the USA. 1. Toxicity o some drug sellers were considered to be endangering the public health and victimizing individuals because they were selling dangerous, toxic chemicals, often without labeling them or putting warnings 2. Dependence o some sellers seen as victimizing individuals by selling them habit-forming drugs, also without proper labels/warnings 3. Association of drug users with crime o widespread idea that drug users are threat to public safety that could commit violent crimes Toxicity : capacity of a drug to do damage or cause adverse effects
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