Review our discussions on theory

Review our discussions on theory - 02:48 Review our...

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02:48 Review our discussions on theory, especially social theory. Biological Theory : genetic theory: genetic predisposition (so far, only to alcohol) biological explanations assume substances exert their psychoactive effects by altering brain chemistry and interfere with neurotransmitters Psychological Theory : APA classifies severe drug dependence as a form of psychiatric disorder. Drugs that are abused can cause mental conditions that mimic major psychiatric illnesses Social Theory : Social disorganization theory (when societies fall apart, crime enters) o Wilsons Brown Window theory Learning Theory : the close association or pairing of one significant reinforcing stimulus with another less significant or neutral stimulus, habituation (repeating certain patterns of behavior until they become established or habitual) criminal behavior is learned through: o Interaction and bonding o Influence and imitation o Education in Criminality Most Widely Used Drugs in USA Tobacco - cigarettes (more used by female college students than male) Alcohol Homeostasis : maintenance of an environment of body functions within a certain range (i.e. temperature, blood pressure).
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Review our discussions on theory - 02:48 Review our...

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