Chapter 5 part 2

Chapter 5 part 2 - task-irrelevant information from working...

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03:08 Chapter 5: Information Processing Theory Topics:      Metaphor of computers, assumptions of capacity, metacognition,  executive functioning, IPT model, storage and operational space,  resistance to interference and cognitive inhibition  Information-processing : our brain functions like a computer Interested in age-related changes in children’s memory, problem solving skills, and knowledge-base (improvement in attention, memory and thinking) Metacognition : knowledge of one’s cognitive abilities and processes relating to thinking (executive control processes) Executive functioning : Inhibition : “an active suppression process, such as the removal of
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Unformatted text preview: task-irrelevant information from working memory” • with age, children are increasingly able to inhibit prepotent (primary) and often inappropriate mental or behavioral responses from both internal and external sources and that these improved skills permit the more efficient execution of other cognitive operations. Resistance to interference : “susceptibility to performance decrements under conditions of multiple distracting stimuli” • i.e. dual tasks; when performing 1 task (watching TV) interferes with performance on a second task (doing homework), attention 03:08 03:08...
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Chapter 5 part 2 - task-irrelevant information from working...

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