Chapter 2 - 03:11 Chapter 2 Ecological Theory of...

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03:11 Chapter 2: Ecological Theory of Development Why do we believe that a child’s environment is so important to his/her development? Because development requires a certain environmental context to unfold; in environment is abnormal development will be as well o i.e. Genie, wild boy Aveyron, institutionalized children Direct effect on child’s development: what child learns and observes o i.e. in school Indirect influence on child: via parenting o i.e. divorce Bronfrenbrenner’s 5 Environmental systems: 1 . Individual/the Child : biological makeup and innate qualities 2. Microsystem : environment that directly effects child’s development, such as: immediate surroundings o i.e. parents, child care, neighbors, school 3. Mesosystem : visits and interaction between Microsystems o i.e. parent-teacher conference, slumber parties with friends from school, internships for school 4. Exosystem : indirect influences child and development o i.e. parent income, divorced, parents’ workplace, family’s socioeconomic status, school PTA 5. Macrosystem : values, customs, culture in which child is growing up o i.e. religion, occupation, ethnicity
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Chapter 2 - 03:11 Chapter 2 Ecological Theory of...

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