Gender differences in abilities

Gender differences in abilities - negotiate in such...

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03:24 Gender differences in abilities No gender differences in IQ scores o Purposeful No differences in verbal ability No differences in math performance, except that boys begin to outperform in problem solving in high school Differences have decreased over time Males do better on some aspects of spatial ability o E.g., mental rotation (engineering) o Spatial ability is trainable Males do better on some aspects of physical ability Women’s performance improving over time Vedantam (2007) article: Women are less likely to negotiate than men o Especially when they need to negotiate with a man o Women more likely to negotiate with women o Conclusion: women should be encouraged to be more assertive Newer research o Women are evaluated much more negatively than men when they negotiate. o Perhaps women are reading the situational cues correctly and are choosing not to
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Unformatted text preview: negotiate in such situations o Conclusion: "The point of this paper is: Yes, there is an economic rationale to negotiate, but you have to weigh that against social risks of negotiating. What we show is those risks are higher for women than for men." Social Cognitive Career Theory yes, you need to know this model! Self-efficacy : can I do this? Outcome expectations : If I do this, what will happen? o Social, Financial, Self-Evaluative. SE & OE are related to development of career/vocational interests, goals, and behaviors Learning experiences: o 1.Personal Performance Accomplishments o 2. Vicarious Learning o 3. Social Persuasion o 4. Physiological States and Reactions. From all this our self-efficacy and outcome expectations are formed Environmental Influences : Background, Proximal 03:24 03:24...
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Gender differences in abilities - negotiate in such...

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