Work and Family issues

Work and Family issues - 03:23 Work and Family issues...

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Unformatted text preview: 03:23 Work and Family issues/ Women’s Psychological Well Being • Combining work and family both for women and men is one of the most important social issues of 20 th century • The relationship between work and women’s health shows generally positive • Scarcity hypothesis – each human as a fixed amount of energy and that any role makes demands on this pool of energy. The greater the number of roles, the greater the stress and more negative the consequences on health. o Women take on increased work responsibilities in addition to their family responsibilities, stress and negative health consequences must result • Expansionist hypothesis – peoples energy resources are not limited, just as a regular program of exercise makes one feel more energetic not less energetic. The more roles one has, the more opportunities for enhanced self-esteem, stimulation, social status, and identity. Research: • Employment does not appear to have a negative effect on women’s physical and mental health – it seems to improve the health of both unmarried women and married women who hold positive attitudes toward employment • Being employed, women gain social support as well as opportunities for success or mastery • However, women who’s work exposes her to sexual harassment or the frustrations of discrimination in pay and promotion will probably not enjoy positive health benefits from...
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Work and Family issues - 03:23 Work and Family issues...

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