Criticisms of Psychoanalytic theory

Criticisms of Psychoanalytic theory - 03:18 Criticisms of...

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03:18 Criticisms of Psychoanalytic theory 1. Most of its concepts cant be evaluated scientifically to test whether accurate 2. Derived ideas from working with patients who sought therapy, not healthy people (disturbed human behavior instead of human behavior) 3. Overemphasized biological determanints of human behavior and didn’t give sufficient attention to the influences of society and learning in shaping behavior Phallocentric views: male centered or penis centered ; penis superior to clitoris or vagina o Uses male as normative/androcentric model Penis envy not parallel to boy’s fear of castration Karen Horney- Womb envy : males envy of woman’s uterus and reproductive capacity Male achievement represents an overcompensation for feelings of anatomical inferiority (a femininity complex) Nancy Chodorow Childcare done by women produced differences in daughters and sons; produces daughters who want to mother, and thus mothering reproduces itself. Produces sons who dominate and devalue women Males and females expect women to be caring and sacrificing; forever shapes their attitudes towards women. Girls relationship with mother is never entirely broken; girls and women continue to define themselves in relational terms. Boys must develop masculine identity, so represses relationship with mother; o All women come to be devalued as part of the male’s need to separate himself from his mother ad define a masculine identity for himself. o
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Criticisms of Psychoanalytic theory - 03:18 Criticisms of...

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