The New York System

The New York System - The New York System (The Auburn...

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The New York System (The Auburn System) • Congregate System: a penitentiary system developed in Auburn, NY in which each inmate was held in isolation at night but worked and ate with others during the day under a rule of silence • Elam Lynds: Auburn’s warden believed that convicts were incurable, instituted the lockstep (a form of marching) and the wearing of stripes and the contract labor system • Contract Labor System: a system under which inmates’ labor was sold on a contractual basis to private employers who provided the machinery and raw materials with which inmates made stable products in the institution • led to the production of many goods Reformatory Movement • Cincinnati, 1870 • National Prison Association (now called the American Correctional Association) advocated for a new design of penology – prisons should operate according to a philosophy of inmate change with reformation rewarded by release • No set time on sentences and proof of reformation would be required for the prisoners release • Elmira Reformatory • First reformatory • Reformatory: an institution for young offenders that emphasizes training, a mark system of classification, and indeterminate sentences and parole • A mark system: a point system where prisoners can reduce their term and gain release by earning “marks” or points through labor, good behavior, and educational achievement • the movement spread but did not last, the principles set goals that inspired prison activist into the 20th century Rehabilitation Model • A model of corrections that emphasizes the need to restore a convicted offender to a constructive place in society through some form of vocational or
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The New York System - The New York System (The Auburn...

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