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C HAPTER O UTLINE Political Crime: Definitions Legal Aspects Crimes by Government Crimes Against Government Criminal Careers of Political Criminals Societal Reaction P OLITICAL C RIME : D EFINITIONS Ideology: A distinctive belief system, idea, or abstract ideal. Convictional Criminals: Politically motivated criminals. Political crime: Criminal acts committed for ideological purposes. o Offenders believe they are following a higher morality that supersedes present society and its laws. Little has been written regarding political crime. Two Types of Political Crime: o Crimes by Government: Include violations of human rights, civil liberties, and constitutional privileges, as well as illegal behavior that occurs in the process of enforcing the law or maintaining the status quo.
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Unformatted text preview: o Crimes against the government: May range from protests, illegal demonstrations, and strikes to espionage, political whistleblowing, assassination, and terrorism. L EGAL A SPECTS “Political crime” is not a legally-recognized concept. o The Anglo-American legal tradition does not differentiate crimes based on motive. The Nuremburg Principle o Human rights violations committed as the result of carrying out orders are not justifiable. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights o United Nations o Concept of human rights supports the notion that some inalienable rights and freedoms supersede those of government. International Law o Limited power of enforcement....
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