Corrections - Community Corrections o Probation: The...

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C ORRECTIONS Early Corrections Houses of Correction Walnut Street Jail Pennsylvania Penitentiaries Auburn System Reformatory Movement/Medical Movement Structure Corrections: The system of probation, parole, jails, and prisons. Conservative Model of Law and Order: o Adopted by the U.S. in the 1980s and since. o Contributed to high rate of incarceration. o Highest rate of any developed nation. o Incarceration is the most expensive option in our courrectional system. Two Types of Prison Facilities o Detention Facilities Temporary Holding Facilities o Correctional Facilities County jails include persons convicted of misdemeanors, and those serving a sentence shorter than one year. Prisons
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Unformatted text preview: Community Corrections o Probation: The community supervision of an offender in lieu of prison. o Parole: The supervised release of offenders after they have served a portion of their sentence. Problems: o Overcrowding o High rate of imprisonment relative to crime rate o Aging imprisoned population o Burden of CJ policies fall on black Americans o Decline in services o Mentally Ill Examples of Programs: o Expanded prison Industries o Expanded Mental Health and Drug Treatment o Boot Camps o Electronic Monitoring o Work Release o Shock Incarceration Programs o Restitution and Community Service Programs o Halfway Houses o Intensive Supervision Probation...
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Corrections - Community Corrections o Probation: The...

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