Crimes by Government

Crimes by Government - CRIMES BY GOVERNMENT Political...

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C RIMES BY G OVERNMENT Political Crimes by Government: Violations of human rights committed for ideological reasons by government officials or their agents. o This is a sociological (not legal) concept. o Lack of funding to research this. Forms of Political Crimes by Government: o Secret Police- clandestine intelligence gathering and internal security o Illegal surveillance, searches, detention and arrest o May violate or border violating human rights o Human Rights Violations Death Camps Slavery Patriarchal Crime Genocide Patriarchal Crime: Committed against women and children in systems of traditional male dominance and authority. Sweatshops, infanticide, sexual mutilation, bride burning, slavery Genocide: The mass destruction or annihilation of populations Crimes by the Police Illegal Surveillance, Disruption, and Experiments Cointelpro: The FBI’s counterintelligence program to harass and disrupt legitimate political activity FBI employed false letters accusing ppl of being informants in order to foment internal warfare Scandal Watergate Iran-Contra Conspiracy- Leb mag revealed existence of a secret US arms
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Crimes by Government - CRIMES BY GOVERNMENT Political...

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