Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse - DRUG ABUSE Types of Drugs Commonly Abused:...

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D RUG A BUSE Types of Drugs Commonly Abused: Cannabis- marijuana, THC, hashish Depressants- barbiturates, methaqualone, tranquilizers Stimulants- amphetamines, nicotine, caffeine, methamphetamines Hallucinogens- LSD, mescaline, peyote, PCP, shrooms Inhalants- nitrous oxide, butyl nitrite, aerosols Narcotics- opium morphine, codeine, heroin, methadone There is often little relationship between the known harmful effects of a particular drug and its legal status. Drug use: o Declined in the 1980s. o Increased in the early 1990s. o Has begun to decline again. Addiction: A physiological dependence commonly referred to as tolerance, in which the body requires larger and larger dosages of the substance in order to experience the desired effect. The relationship between drug use and other crimes is complex and varied. Drugs and History Opium—neolithic age Morphine- 1805- onset of addictions Unregulated distribution of narcotics by doctors and pharmacys Harrison Act of 1914- required doctor’s prescription for narcotics and cocaine
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Drug Abuse - DRUG ABUSE Types of Drugs Commonly Abused:...

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