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Occupational Crime

Occupational Crime - financial problem 2 They feel they can...

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O CCUPATIONAL C RIME Crimes by Employees Against Individuals (the Public) Public Corruption o The use of public office for private gain defines political corruption. o Examples of Investigations: The Mollen Commission “Operation Graylord” Watergate Investigation ABSCAM Crimes by Employees Against Employees Most are of a personal nature, and thus don’t qualify as occupational crime. Exception: o Sweetheart Contract: Labor officials and negotiators secretly make a deal with management to the disadvantage of the workers whom the labor officials are supposed to represent. Crimes by Employees Against Organizations Employee Pilferage o Examples: Under-charging friends. Over-charging and pocketing difference. Abuse of expense accounts. Embezzlement 1. Individuals in a position of trust are faced with what a “non-shareable”
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Unformatted text preview: financial problem. 2. They feel they can resolve this problem by “temporarily borrowing” from their employer. 3. This breaks down as embezzlers realize they have been discovered and cannot make repayment in time. Computer Crime Examples: o Software Piracy o Hacking o Telecommunications Fraud o Attacks on Computer Systems Email Bombs Phishing Trojan Horse Attacks Crimes by Individuals (or Members of Occupations) Medicine o Healthcare Fraud o Performance of Unnecessary Medical Procedures Law o “Ambulance-Chasing” Retail o “Bait-n’-Switch” Stock Trading o “Pump and Dump” Stock Scams o Insider Trading...
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