Professional Criminals

Professional Criminals - PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS...

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PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS Professional Criminal: Those who earn a considerable portion of their livelihood in criminal pursuits. o Crime is sole livelihood o Criminal career is highly developed o Considerable skill is involved o High status in the criminal world o Overall success at avoiding detection Argot- specialized language Cannons- pickpockets Heels- sneak thieves who operate in stores and offices Pennyweighting- stealing from jewelry stores by substituting fakes Hotel prowling- stealing from hotel rooms The con- confidence games Hanging paper- passing bad checks, money orders The shake- extorting money from others who are criminally involved Edelhertz’s Typology Professional crime – Sole purpose is criminal activity. Occupational/corporate crime - Crime is incidental to a legitimate business or professional service Scam: Slang term for various criminal techniques, “hustles,” or operations. Confidence (con) Games:
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Professional Criminals - PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS...

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