Prostitution - to be defective in some way-socially phys...

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P ROSTITUTION Prostitution: The practice of having sexual relations with emotional indifference on a promiscuous and mercenary basis. Prostitution: o Exists worldwide. o Has been prevalent throughout history. o Was outlawed due to Protestant Reformation and public health concerns. o Appears to have declined since WWII. Settings for Prostitution: o Brothels Managed by “madams” Redlight districts o Streetwalkers (hookers) Most likely to encounter pimps Earn lowest fees and most vulnerable to pub interference o Bar Girls (“B-Girls”)- common in seaport cities and areas serving military -entice customers to buy them expensive drinks arrange for tricks o Call Girls -top of the prostitution profession; selective o Massage Parlors -commercial sex under guise of a health spa “John” : A customer of prostitution. Johns: o Are usually assumed
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Unformatted text preview: to be defective in some way-socially, phys, mental This has been unsupported by research. o Are motivated by: Expectations of mystery and excitement. Special “professional” services. Easy, non-entangled sex. S EXUALLY D EVIANT B EHAVIOR Homosexuality : The desire for sexual relationships with members of one’s own sex. o Not criminal in itself; some states regulated acts associated with homosexuality. o Victimization of homosexuals may pose problem in some communities. o Two Types: Situational Homosexuals- prefer heterosexual activity but participate as a temporary or substitute means of erotic gratification or a monetary reward Preferential Homosexuals- seek sexual gratification predominantly and continually with members of the same sex...
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  • Sexual intercourse, prostitution profession, Parlors -commercial sex, Earn lowest fees, public health concerns.

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Prostitution - to be defective in some way-socially phys...

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