Societal Reaction

Societal Reaction - Such laws tie up law enforcement...

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S OCIETAL R EACTION Overcriminalization: an inappropriate extension of the criminal law into areas of personal conduct and morality. Many public order crimes take place in private, with consenting parties; thus, legal enforcement is difficult. Programs targeting nonconsensual public order crimes appear to have had some success in deterring offenders. Drawbacks to Overcriminalization: Many such laws are virtually unenforceable. They lead to corruption of criminal justice personnel and politicians. They undermine public respect for the law. They create illicit monopolies for organized crime groups. They criminalize activities and stigmatize their participants. They reflect no consistent, defensible theory of harm (Richards, 1982, p. 194). They isolate and embitter offenders. Penalties are often ineffective and/or inappropriate.
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Unformatted text preview: Such laws tie up law enforcement agencies in tasks that could more appropriately be performed by other social agencies. Decriminalization Process of lessening the penalties attached to particular offenses C HAPTER S UMMARY Introduction Broken Windows Prostitution Homosexual Behavior Sexual Offenses Non-Victimless Sexual Offenses Drug Abuse Drunkenness Societal Reaction K EY C ONCEPTS Addiction Broken Windows Closet Queens Crimes without Victims Decriminalization Dirty Secrets Exhibitionism Fetishism Floodgate Theory Folk Crime Harrison Act Incest Johns Moral Entrepreneurs Overcriminalization Pedophilia Problem Drinking Public Order Crime Sodomy Tearoom Types of Prostitution Voyeurism Withdrawal Syndrome...
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Societal Reaction - Such laws tie up law enforcement...

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