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The Police - o Most law enforcement agencies are local...

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T HE P OLICE First became formalized with urbanization and industrialization. Evolution of Police: o Citizen Groups o Constables and Sheriffs o Watchmen o Professionalization of Police London Robert Peel Federal policing began in the U.S. in 1789, with the U.S. Marshalls, and the Coast Guard in 1790. Other Federal Agencies with Law Enforcement Functions: o Immigration and Naturalization Service o Federal Bureau of Prisons o Federal Bureau of Investigation o U.S. Customs Service o Drug Enforcement Administration o And more. ..! The State Police o Patrol Highways o Provide Law Enforcement in Rural Areas Special Service Police o Campus Police o Conservation Officers o School Districts o Transportation Systems o Airport and Public Housing Security Structure of Police: o 17,000 public law enforcement agencies in U.S. o Most agencies have less than 30 officers. o New York City employs 38,000 officers.
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Unformatted text preview: o Most law enforcement agencies are local police departments. This is more decentralized than most countries. Sheriffs o County Level o Tasks: Operate county jails; serve court papers; and maintain order in the courtroom. Three Styles of Policing (Wilson): o Watchman Style Preventive Approach Focus: Maintaining Order o Legalistic Style Approach: Reactive Focus: Crime-Fighting, Professional Policing o Service Style Approach: Problem-Solving Focus: Addressing Neighborhood Concerns Problems Facing Police: o Police Corruption o Police Abuse of Power o Racial Profiling o Recruitment of Minorities and Women o Challenges Posed by: Deindustrialization Weakening Informal Social Control o New Programs...
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The Police - o Most law enforcement agencies are local...

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