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3rd Wave - 5.Being Media Savvy 6 not all just some...

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3 rd Wave draws from radical and multi-racial less fully formed and uniform than others 5 features that seem common to third-wave feminism: 1. remaking solidarity to incorporate differences among women speak for women as a group while simultaneously recognizing their differences (multiracial feminism influence) 2. Building Coalitions connect with other oppressed groups to celebrate diversity social change requires effort from both the oppressed and the majority (ie. Men) 3. Integrating Theory Into Everday Practices incorporate structural changes wrought on by the second wave into life experiences 4. Insisting that the political is personal personal acts are a key way to instigate change. Anorexic girl: taking my head out of the toilet was the most political act I have ever done.
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Unformatted text preview: 5.Being Media Savvy 6. *** not all just some: Embracing Aesthetics and Consumerism embrace traditional “girl culture”, importance of being pretty, feminine, sexy, fashionable argue that you can be a feminist and be taken seriously and still be pretty and fashionable Anti Feminism: The Backlash The first wave: antisuffrage movement National association opposed to women’s suffrage Ended in 1920, when women were granted the right to vote Second Wave: fascinating total women Marabel Morgan and Helen Andelin Told women to return to their traditional attitudes, roles, and values Urged women to devote their energies to making themselves sex-objects The STOP ERA Campaign Direct response to 1972 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Traditional roles...
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