5 Themes of masculinity

5 Themes of masculinity - 5. Be self-relianta real man...

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5 Themes of masculinity: 1. Don’t be female—sensitivity & vulnerability make you a sissy/wimp; be tough 2. Be successful—sports/activities (training & winning) lead to status in profession; being a good provider is the primary requirement for manhood 3. Be aggressive—aggression & dominance encouraged in boys, told not to run from confrontation (linked to violence against women) 4. Be sexual—men should be interested in sex all the time, any time; the more partners, the more of a stud he is
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Be self-relianta real man doesnt need others, particularly women; men are expected to be emotionally controlled, not let feelings control them, & not to need others 6. Embody and transcend traditional views of masculinity (newly emerged) simultaneously be a real man and defy traditional views of men by being sensitive and egalitarian- Some counselors believe that mens striving to live up to social ideals of masculinity has produced an epidemic of hidden male depression; many depressed men are unwilling to seek help...
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