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Bob Newhart Show: “Emily, I’m Home…Emily?”—1970’s -Bob comes home from work to find the apartment empty -Emily was at an all day school board meeting -Bob happy shes home—make me dinner -Bob has to watch the game in the bedroom b/c emily has school board committee coming over—Bob winds up having to meet them -Bob is a psychcologist—poke fun woman mistakes him for a chiropractor b/c still not considered legitimate field of medicine -while bob is watching game in bedroom, beer commercial comes on, tempting him -realizes hes a prisoner in his own home—has to put on a suit in order to walk in the kitchen -board of ed offers Emily full time job—who will clean cook wash clothes? -Emily takes the job, they get a Spanish speaking housekeeper, bob gets lonely enough to ask out Mr.Carlin, his patient, who thinks no body likes him -the two get drunk and Carlin drops Bob off at the apartment, concerned if the two are friends or not; bought bob drinks and got him drunk so bob will like him as a
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