Chapter 11 Gendered Lives

Chapter 11 Gendered Lives - Chapter 11 Gendered Lives Media...

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Chapter 11 Gendered Lives Media Saturation of Public Life -People today most media-saturated and media-engaged in history -Media crafts opinions, identities, lives -Media culture provides models of what it means to be male or female Gendered Themes in media -3 themes women and minorities underrepresented, men and women portrayed in stereotypical ways (conventional gender roles), relationships between men and women portrayed as consistent with traditional gender roles and power relations Underrepsentation of Women and Minorities -Males outnumber females in media -Females less talk time than males on talk shows, less font page stories and photos -In reality females outnumber men but media misrepresents this -Minorities less visible than women -Minorities often supporting roles, shown in white culture with distorted view of their own culture -Hispanics nearly absent on prime-time tv -Discrimination against elderly, want to focus on youth and beauty of women -Stigma that old people are sick, dependent, passive, fumbling Portrayals of men -Men on prime time tv are independent, aggressive, in charge -Depicts men in tv programming (particularly white, heterosexual) = serious, confident, competent, powerful -Reality tv depicts men as most traditional, stereotype way imaginable (one favored stereotype: macho man proves his manliness by degrading women- Joe Millionaire) -White masculinity remains unquestioned unspoken norm for all men
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Chapter 11 Gendered Lives - Chapter 11 Gendered Lives Media...

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