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EHRENREICH: THE HEARTS OF MEN -in the 50s/60s men didn’t just marry out of love—marriage, and within that the breadwinner role, was the only normal state for adult males starting at age 23 -men who rejected the provider role were simply afraid of the responsibilities involved -maturity itself required the predictable, sober ingredients of wisdom, responsibility, empathy, heterosexuality and a “sense of function” -thus a woman is immature if she wants to be married but doesn’t want to do housework, and a man would be immature if he shirked the breadwinner role. -adult masculinity was indistinguishable from the bread-winner then it followed that a male who failed to achieve this role was either not fully adult or fully masculine. -american literature is traced with male immaturity: “psychic immaturity because one of the signs of an undeveloped personality is the failure to recognize that serious personal and social problems cannot be solves by running away from them” -only women writers had been exempt from this psychic immaturity because it was so
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