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Feminist Criticism Ad about lip crème telling women their lips should look soft + feminine, sensuous + sophisticated – “the way a woman’s mouth should look” -Telling women they should be decorative, seen and not heard -Moist creamy lips serve for pleasure of male partners -Says “sophisticated” implying knowledge and expertise -According to ad woman can’t exhibit beauty and knowledge simultaneously without this lipstick Into to Feminist Rhetorical Criticism -Feminist rhetorical criticism challenges oppression and privilege with set of attitudes and presumptions about how world could be improved thru changing discourse -can be practiced alone or with any other approaches due to ideological criticism -Ideological criticism criticism that analyzes and challenges ways in which status quo of unequal power relations is maintained -Feminist criticism assumes artifacts shape/reflect culture that produced, including expectations about what it means to be male/female
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  • Spring '05
  • Krueger
  • BLACK FEMINIST THOUGHT, Feminist Rhetorical Criticism, Feminist Criticism Ad, criticism -Ideological criticism

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