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Horrocks The horror film, the western novel and film, rock and pop music, and sport, give interesting insights into the themes and contradictions in the masculine gender. Pop culture is good to look at because its not censored and comes from the depths of the psyche Archetypal images Analyzes pop culture psychologically and politically Popular images of masculinity aren’t just the “Rambo type” – the picture of ultra- machismo Doesn’t see masculine identities as coherent
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Unformatted text preview: Other gender studies ignore the damage done to men under patriarchy and the way in which masculine identities require shortening of life for men. Male violence arises from the abuse that they themselves have received Hollywood Horror films Insanity Science/religion Sexuality/perversity Pornography Nature of male desire Male culture Music Provides insights to various masculinities ie. Mods, punks, skinheads, headbangers...
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