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Images of Relationships Between men and women

Images of Relationships Between men and women - Images of...

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Images of Relationships Between men and women -sometimes nontraditional images but most of the time show traditional -books aimed at adolescent females emphasize being pretty, sexy, popular in order to win attention of males (gossip girl) Women’s incompetence/men’s authority -media’s representations of relationships is men as competent authorities and take care of less competent women -newspapers convey message men are authorities, lack of power of women, women mostly portrayed as victims, focus on women’s appearance and personal lives not their success or power, woman aren’t seen as experts on topics Women as Primary Caregivers/men as breadwinners -no attention to women’s career activities -women’s roles n home and men’s roles outside home reinforced by media -emphasize men’s independence and women’s roles as wives and homemakers Women as victims and sex objects/men as aggressors -women are sex objects for men’s pleasure
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  • Spring '05
  • Krueger
  • competent women -newspapers, drug dealing Gendered, -male voice-overs reinforce, violence -male dominance, majority emphasis images

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