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Marxism Engels: Gender is underpinned by the relations of production. Males are dominant because they own land and animals Criticized as being too economic Marxists are also criticized for their analysis because they themselves are masculinists. Masculinity is not fixed, but can change depending on the requirements of the society. Men are exploited and objectified by capitalism Symbiosis Psychological Emergence of male from female world to male world Separation from their mother as a baby Leave maternal paradise and have to find new phallic paradise Gender as myth Stories, narratives, fairy tales, toys, etc. form propaganda and inform boys how theyre
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Unformatted text preview: supposed to be. Myths flow from the social unconscious; important part of social reality in every culture Masculinity has to be maintained or it will topple Myth and Life Football- constructs images of their own existence – a struggl, a display of brutish strength and graceful skill, a combination of us against them, a consolidation of solidarity against women, a display of male flesh Humans do no simply act their gender in a definitive and clearly delineated manner. They also play with identities contradictory to their normal outward persona...
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