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Mary Tyler Moore Show- Love is All Around- 1970’ -opening lyric of theme song “how will i make it on my own” -Mary, 30 yr single woman -left boyfriend bill bc he promised to marry her after his internship at hospital and then backed out -moved to Minneapolis to live with friend Phyllis -phyllis mother to Bess, married but husband does not appear or named in episode -New apartment- has a bitter upstairs neighbor Rhoda—insists she owns marys apartment -rhoda- single woman; wants apartment, not lady-like, wearing jeans and very forward; rough edged woman, rude, unkempt -interviews for secretarial job at WJM TV’s 6:00 News -men ignoring her at the station -Lou, the boss (short temper, big drinker), tells her job has been filled -offers her Associate Producer for ($10 less than sec job), despite Mary’s lack of experience—says he’ll offer her Producer for $15 less—mary declines -said usually hires men for AP position - questions her on why shes never married -mary insulted lou asks so many personal question, unrelated to job
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