Masculine Speech Features

Masculine Speech Features - More abstract(general terms...

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Masculine Speech Features: 1. Effort to establish status & control (asserting ideas & authority, jokes, challenging others; I- references; avoid disclosing personal info—suggests weakness; give advice—knowledgeable) 2. Instrumentality—using speech to accomplish objectives (problem solving efforts to get info, discover facts, suggest solutions) 3. Conversational demand (men talk more & longer, use jump-off points or interrupt for self) -Interrupt to control conversation (challenge others/wrestling the talk stage from them) 4. Direct and assertive (forceful, authoritative) 5.
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Unformatted text preview: More abstract (general terms that are removed from personal feelings) 6. Less emotionally responsive (minimal response cues— “yeah” or “umhmm”)- 5 Communication misunderstandings: different types of speech operate differently 1. Showing support 2. “Troubles talk” 3. The point of the story 4. Relationship talk (men talk when there’s an issue, women talk to sustain relationship) 5. Public speaking—standard is: assertive, dominant, confident masculine style (feminine speakers are judged by a standard that neither reflects nor respects their goals & values)...
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