Mona Lisa Smile—Early 1950s

Mona Lisa Smile—Early 1950s - feminism...

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Mona Lisa Smile—Early 1950s Characters: -Katherine Ann Watson (Julia Roberts): feminist art teacher; leave boyfriend behind in LA to teach at conservative women’s private school in Massachusetts -Watson’s unorthodox teaching methods are frowned upon by schools directors (brings the class to view a brand new Jackson Pollack painting—pop art not considered art by conservatives) -conservative women who believe that Watson should not use her class to express points of view or befriend students—stick to teach art, not
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Unformatted text preview: feminism —threaten to fire her-unfazed, Watson becomes more forceful in her speeches about feminism—believes needs to instill spirit of change among her students -BF visits her half way thru the film—proposes, she declines and breaks up -starts relationship with Italian teacher Bill Dunbar-Dunbar notorious for sleeping with students—had previous relationship with Giselle Levy, one of watson’s students and fans -Watson and Dunbars relationship ends when she learns he lied about where he served military service...
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