Others - Men in Film Mostly “bad” men—although not really evil or bad just unfaithful dishonest-Dunbar—a tomcat sleeps with a lot of

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Others: Amanda Armstrong- Watson’s housemate and school nurse, lesbian- partner died a little while ago; gets fired for administering contraception to students—diaphragm -Giselle has one and Betty sees this and is offended; writes a school editorial outing the school nurse for going against school policies—women should not be having pre marital sex and therefore contraception is unnecessary Nancy Abbey- Watson’s housemate; old spinster who is boring tv-addicted Conceptions of Womanhood -women should be doting wives and be pure and ready to marry straight out of school; should be beautiful and fit, ladylike -on the otherhand, some characters feel women need to be liberated and act on their own away from men -women should have the right to have their own careers, have sex, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Men in Film Mostly “bad” men—although not really evil or bad, just unfaithful, dishonest-Dunbar—a tomcat, sleeps with a lot of women—mostly students, dishonest to Watson about where being in Italy for military service—however, didn’t mind Watson’s feminism -Betty husband—cheats on her left and right, and betty goes to her mother crying but her mother tells her to ignore it and go home-Joans bf/husband—expects her to follow him to Penn while he goes to graduate school, while he doesn’t completely support her interest in law school, he loves her and treats her with respect-Connies boyfriend- loves her, doesn’t cheat on her, good guy...
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