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Speech community - Speech community a group of people who...

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Speech community: a group of people who share norms about communication; exists when people share ideas about goals of communication, strategies for enacting those goals, and ways of interpreting communication - Children play in sex-segregated groups with different games that lead to diff. communication styles - Boys’ games: Large groups, competitive, have clear goals, involve physical rough play, and are organized by rules & roles that specify who does what and how to play; limited need to talk Boys learn to communicate to accomplish goals, compete and maintain status, exert control, get attention, and stand out. Boys’ games use communication to: assert your ideas/identity, achieve something, attract & maintain others’ attention, compete for the “talk stage” (stand out, make others pay attention) -Masculinity emphasized (individuality, competition, achievement, invulnerability) - Girls’ games: Small groups, games like house/school do not have clear goals & roles—lack
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