The Jeffersons Florence’s Union—1980’s

The Jeffersons - -george gets angry defends louise and the maids and stands up to wittendale kicks him out of the apartment-all the women hug

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The Jeffersons Florence’s Union—1980’s -george (husband), louise (wife), Florence (maid) -Florence wants to form a Union for maids -feel they’ve been used, victimized, prosecuted -have meeting in apt, george objects—but then (read on) -wittendale’s (tenant and owner of the apt building) maid says wittendale supports union -george says he supports wittendale—tells wittendales maid to tell him—george agrees to hold meeting in his apt -wittendale’s courier (uptight white man) comes to visit, asking about the union—george says its big—informs george, wittendale doesn’t really support the union -george changes mind about having meeting after finds out witendale is against it -florence has the meeting anyway -against georges will, he comes home early and sees the women -george tries to be dominant, getting angry about meeting -wittendale himself comes to the door, opposing to the meeting -Louis stands up to him- wittendale refers to Louise as “you people”
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Unformatted text preview: -george gets angry, defends louise and the maids, and stands up to wittendale, kicks him out of the apartment-all the women hug Jefferson-While george maintains dominant male roll and orders louise around, she still does what she wants—i.e. having the union meeting against georges order -louise has a mind of her own, not afraid to go against her husband-mre dominant that Bob Newhart’s wife Emily—did not ask george to have meeting, just did it -Florence also talks to george in a comfortable manner, not really afraid of him-represents historically black marriages—men were not necessarily head of household in black families; black women worked and therefore had a say in how the house was run -slavery did not allow for masculinity to thrive in black families -compared to Emily who wants a more purpose driven life, Louise is comfortable living a life of leisure—stays at home AND has a maid...
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