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Traditional rhetorical texts are andocentric

Traditional rhetorical texts are andocentric - women’s...

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. Traditional rhetorical texts are andocentric (Particularizing mode) -Particularizing mode tries to dine authentic female voice by calling into question established universal norms for literacy and rhetorical excellence -“Woman’s writing” rather than “woman’s literature” to exclude their interests from the limited outlets available to generations of literarily inclined women -Patriarchal intellectual conventions endorse (1) abstractions such as “duty” and “honor” rather than people’s lived experiences AND (2) dichotomies such was male(good)/female(bad) -Male characters defined in literature, female characters more binary options -“Personal is political”
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Unformatted text preview: women’s individual experiences are often part of larger pattern of oppression-Mythic conventions many standard mythic patterns have marginalized/victimized women (prince saves princess)-Role conventions role of authority has been male -Those not in positions of authority not taken seriously, therefore not heard-“First lady” “first” is abnormal exception rather than representative of women’s accomplishments -Projected roles of women (how they are portrayed in rhetoric and literature) = demeaning Multi-hued feminism – 4 different hues- show how power becomes gendered and gender becomes powerful...
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