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Watson’s Students - Italian teacher Dunbar...

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Watson’s Students (all friends and live together) -Elizabeth “Betty” Warren (Kirsten Dunst)- rich girl with a conservative domineering mother—who also happens to be head of alumni association at the university -believes very strongly in gender norms, must get married and be a doting wife -marries an unfaithful man, has an unhappy home life; clashes repeatedly with Watson - but in the end confides in watson and looks to her for help -Connie Baker(Ginnifer Goodwin) - has insecurities about her body and is obsessed w/ getting a boyfriend -Giselle Levy (Maggie Gyllenho)- promiscuous, engages in lots of sex, had affair with
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Unformatted text preview: Italian teacher Dunbar and had feelings for himunrequited love; she has a current affair with a married man; often chastised and judged by Betty for sleeping around; one of first students to admire watson -Joan Brandwyn (Julia Stiles)- initially conflicted about whether to pursue law school or marry long time bf Tommy; Watson encourages her to go to law school; gives her app and fills some out for her; ultimately, Joan chooses to marry and have a family-Watsons class becomes a very popular one and the board decides to let her stay at the school under the condition that she follows strict syllabusWatson declines...
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