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Womanism - working class lesbians… middle-class...

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Womanism Differentiate themselves from white feminists 1970s Black Women for Organization Action National Black Feminist Organization Addresses racial AND gender identities Black women are more often single, bear more children, less educated, paid less, and assume more financial responsibility for supporting families Include lower-class women Million Woman March 1997 Average women who lived out of the spotlight Multi-racial Feminism Emphasizes multiple systems of domination that affect the lives of women and men Gender does not have universal meaning – it varies as a result of race, economic class, sexual orientation, etc. Don’t study women as a whole but break them into more precise categories like black
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Unformatted text preview: working class lesbians… middle-class heterosexual white women Power feminism Naomi Wolf 1990s Ignores the self-defeating focus on causes of sexual inequality: society doesn’t oppress women, because women have the power to control what happens to them. Stop thinking of yourself as a victim! Thinking you’re the victim in one instance is the same as adopting it as your identity. More helpful to women that are financially comfortable, successful and well-educated and less to those who don’t have these privileges....
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