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More theories - celerity etc involving capital punishment...

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More theories One thing that has generally been demonstrated is the concept of lifestyle perspective, which argues that crimes arises from how individuals live their lives, the choices they make, and the thinking patterns that characterize their daily activities. It is also generally know through study and analysis that delinquent peer influence has a lot to do with delinquent behavior It is incorrect to assume that poverty causes crime. It facilitates social disorganization which can lead to criminal activity in the absence of other checks and balances General and specific deterrence General o Using someone as an example for all o An individual is not the focus but rather deter other people from committing criminal acts in the future. Specific o focuses on the individual, the aim of specific deterrence is to discourage the criminal from future crime The areas of research during the 1970s were the first to start showing deterrence-like correlations between punishments and crime rates (law of
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Unformatted text preview: celerity, etc, involving capital punishment, imprisonment, and sentencing policies) • Theoretically deterrence works by raising the costs of crime The old English method of transportation • Transportation? The “least eligibility” principle • Prisoner should fare no better than the least advantaged individual in society. Pros and cons regarding “no frills” prisons • Pros: education, treatment, and recreation programs keep prisoners busy and help develop life skills. Keeping inmates busy can reduce stress tension and aggression and thereby prevent problems such as riots or other forms of violence. Staff tend to like such “frills” because they help keep prisons safe for prisoners and staff • Cons- prisoners get bored, can get aggressive The purpose of corrections • Retribution • Deterrence • Incapacitation • Rehabilitation...
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More theories - celerity etc involving capital punishment...

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