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The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights - providing information that might...

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The Bill of Rights 1 st amendment o Freedom of religion, speech, and communication o Responsibility of jail or prison to provide opportunity and resource for detainees to practice religion o Security issues result from this right for confined people to communicate 4 th o Illegal search and seizure which can be substantively controversial and problematic when involving religious and legal property as well as body cavity searches 5 th o Right against self-incrimination o Pits the need for information (due to operational expediency and security) against the need for people who are confined being protected from
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Unformatted text preview: providing information that might incriminate them • 6 th o Due process leads to the question of how much a confined person can be afforded • 8 th o Protects against cruel and unusual punishment o Occasions where physical force must be used, even deadly physical force o Many authorities believe that threat of force is an intimidation strategy that minimizes the possibility of force actually being used o Psychological force can also be used through manipulation of environment...
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