TWC Treasury Internship request letter-2010 summer

TWC Treasury Internship request letter-2010 summer - Public...

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Public finance and informaiton systems The fiscal arm of the government warrants study and scrutiny in this volatile economy. With populist outrage growing, America’s citizens want greater insight into the internal government finances are and how they're being spent (to get a great ROI for the terminal investor: the American tax-paying public). My pursuance of an internship is to gain more public sector experience, an understanding of how to navigate the public sector and to see how my academic interests mesh in the Departments of Treasury, Department of Commerce, or Office of The Chief Technology Officer for the U.S. government. Given that my interests are Finance and Information Technology, such a combination would fit in the skeleton of the departments listed. While Finance is highly important in both the personal and corporate respects, Public Finance has broader implications. My knowledge of Finance is slightly more on both the personal and corporate; I would like more of a hands-on understanding of the public aspect of Finance. The Department of Treasury is concerned with promoting economic growth and stability, and ensuring the safety, soundness, and security of the U.S. and international financial systems; the Department of Commerce is concerned with trade, technology, entrepreneurship, economic development, environmental stewardship and statistical research and analysis and the Chief Technology Officer oversees technology strategy, executive-level
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TWC Treasury Internship request letter-2010 summer - Public...

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