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California History Practice Quiz 1 Instructions : For each question, choose one answer only (the one that best and most fully answers the question). Look in the answers folder to self-score the quiz. Keep this practice quiz as a study aid for the midterm exam. These questions are based on Chapters 1 and 2 of Kevin Starr's California, A History . 1. All of the following are safe generalizations one can make about most California Indians except a. they used simple, effective hunting and gathering techniques to subsist b. property was typically individually held c. most were not fierce, warlike peoples d. some 135 separate languages were spoken by diverse tribal groups e. they used creation stories and cosmologies to understand their place in the world 2. The mission system affected California Indians in all of the following ways except a. brought them into the missions only voluntarily and with their consent b. subjected them to physical punishments and devastating diseases c. treated them as children, whatever their age might be
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hst370_ch1_practicequiz - California History Practice Quiz...

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