19 - Personality Chapter 13 I Definition An individuals...

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Personality Chapter 13 November 19, 2010 I. Definition : An individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting across time and across place. a. “Personality is in the eye of the beholder” II. Perspectives on Personality a. Psychoanalytic b. Humanistic c. Trait d. Social-Cognitive III.Humanistic Perspective : Focus on psychological growth and development a. The personality you have today from the patterns of your growth and development b. Self-Actualization : rising to be the best person you can be. Like a flower blooming. c. Explains how personality develops. IV.Trait Perspective : Focus on describing personality by means of traits-habitual patterns of thought, behavior, and emotion. a. Patterns of behavior that cross time and cross-place. b. Describes what your personality is (more descriptive) most people function with trait perspective. V. Social-Cognitive Perspective : Behavior is an interaction between traits and the social context. a. The environment in which they are interacting. b. Why do you change your personality depending on where you are? c. Extroverts acting like introverts in a classroom. (It’s expected) VI.Psychoanalytic Perspective a. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) b. Not a psychologist (medical person) c. Freud’s theory was actually wrong. d.
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19 - Personality Chapter 13 I Definition An individuals...

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