1.The Canton System

1.The Canton System - The Canton System Ebrey (p.295-305)...

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Unformatted text preview: The Canton System Ebrey (p.295-305) I. The origin of single-port trade I I. The Canton trade A. The trading procedure B. Extractions and fees C. I tems traded I I I.Life for foreigners in Canton IV. British attempts to change the Canton system A. The Macartney mission, 1793 B. The Amherst mission, 1816 Key Terms 1.Hoppo 2. Ningbo (Ningpo) 3 .Whampoa 4. The Bogue 5. James Flint 6. Hong 7.Co-hong 8.Howqua 9.Compradors 10.Pidgin English 11. Kowtow 12.Jehol I.The origin of single port trade Canton was the wealthiest city in the world Britians loved tea, Shanghai was a manufacturer of tea Europeans needed China more than China needed them Hoppo superintendent of trade-requires official payments, can require bribes Ninbo trade happening, but then required to only go through Whampoa The Bogue was full of cannons, English must pass through, cant even go into Canton English ships go to Wampoa James Flint complains, China says accept it Every country is equal from each other Once you cross over gated compound into embassy itself, you are on the embassy countries soil Diplomats are immune and you cannot contain them...
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1.The Canton System - The Canton System Ebrey (p.295-305)...

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