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3.The Taiping Rebellion Notes

3.The Taiping Rebellion Notes - T he Taiping Rebellion...

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The Taiping Rebellion Notes I. Causes for internal upheaval 19 th century was what China called the century of internal chaos and external calamity Most conflict due to population increase (C population 143 mill 1750, 1850 it was 430 mill) Problem in farmland because of lack of primogeniture, all the sons get a split of land farmland keeps getting smaller and smaller Throwing down the plough, turning to banditry Beginnings of ppl saying “No more expansion, all the land is full” Sweet potato will grow almost everywhere, in bad conditions “Poor man’s food” Mencius chinese philosopher says there will be minor rebellions every once in a while and major ones every few centuries Green Standard Armies are inexperienced, they can’t do anything at all Landlord train peasants to become militia, private armies b/c the govnt can’t provide Outflow of silver, peasants sell their land, rent their land. They almost never get it back cause of loan sharks Pawn shop owners and loan sharks become wealthy 1820,30,40 there is significant famine and pestilence -Chinese think this is a mandate of Heaven II. The Hakka in southern China
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Will not abide by foreign, move south deep into china’s South, weather is so good that you can get 3 crops of rice a year The Hakka go there, but maintain a separate identity in 1000 years, always live in a minority community, maintain their language, surname, food, funeral rituals, Hakka women do not bind their feet Hakka have money because they are frugal, other ppl are jealous of their money and their cohesion III. Hong Xiuquan and the Taiping Rebellion ****Hakka, know this for internal conflict if you know one name**** Hakka, born in GuangDong province. Hong Xiuquan is very intelligence, has very good memory, loves to read Ppl think him as child prodigy! Make him know Confucius and read and write essays (Humanities and social sciences at the time was the best job.) ppl who could survive the pressures Civil Service Examinations would do well Hong Xiuquan writes examinations several times, and doesn’t pass it, never passes Hong Xiuquan in Canton after his second failure, meets up with 2 Christian missionaries, gets a pamphlet (“Good words for exhorting the age”-Lian Afa) he takes it and keeps it home (reverence for the printed word, can’t throw it away) After one more exam, nervous breakdown, he has a fever and has visions, his
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