6.First Sino Japanese war

6.First Sino Japanese war - F irst Sino Japanese war I...

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First Sino Japanese war I. Korea Isolation from outside world A colony, an extension of China Japan wanted diplomatic relations with Korea, but Korean cannot because they are part of China, they want to tear Korea away from Chinese orbit, into Japanese orbit C: “Korea has always been free to do stuff in foreign relations, we won’t interfere” (Don’t count on us for protection) 1876 Jap conclude modern western diplomatic relations with Korea 1. Recognizing Korea as independent state 2. Exchange of ambassadors 3. Opening of cities for trade and diplomacy Empress Dowager is convinced that Korea should not grow too independent Korea is independent state of China, Japan sees this as double dealing Qing pressure western nations to recognize K as inde state so Japan’s influence will be less 1882 US is first western country to establish diplo relations B, F, G govt do the same thing
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A.Tonghak uprising of 1894 Tonghak or “Eastern learning” ppl rebellion. Ppl upset about rapid progress of Christianity, since it takes hold much more than in J or C Tonghak anti-foreign and anti-Japanese Winter 1894 rebellion breaks out, spring it ends, but only after Japanese troops go to S Korea to stop it
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6.First Sino Japanese war - F irst Sino Japanese war I...

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