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Copy of Watch Meet the Natives Online - and compare that to...

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Here is a Youtube playlist I found with all meet the natives episodes. http://www.youtube.com/watch? =2 So what should you do for your assignment? 1) Watch a few episodes and take notes. If you can’t watch them all, it’s OK. You will turn in your notes as proof that you have watched at least the majority of episodes. 2) You will write an analysis paper(3-6 pages). This means that you will analyze or focus on one specific area. For example, you might analyze the friendliness of the “natives”
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Unformatted text preview: and compare that to Americans. Or you might focus on how the natives deal with problems in another land, and compare that with your own experiences. a. Just remember that an analysis looks at one small part of a larger whole. b. And you will use those observations to make a statement, such as “The natives are friendlier than the Americans.” Your observations (notes) will support this statement. • please submit this paper using DropBox by May 10....
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