More easy Corr calculators

More easy Corr calculators - (such as Male/Female)-Use...

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More easy to use Correlation calculators Pearson’s “r” – for numerical data (like age, height or weight) -> this is the “standard” Spearman’s rho – for ranked data (like Likert scales or GPA’s) You can also use Kendall’s tau for ranked correlations Numerical + ranked? (Age + GPA) - Use Pearson’s r “yes/no” or “either/or”
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Unformatted text preview: (such as Male/Female)-Use Pearsons r Note: Although a professional statistician uses several types of correlation calculations, in practice writers tend to overuse Pearsons r. Really, Pearsons r should only be used with numerical data, but we can use it as our default correlation calculation because, well, everyone else does too. Just be sure to mention which type of correlation you use: Pearsons or Spearmans....
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